After long councils and stormy debates within Kurkiewicz family, a decision to start a family website - "Kurkiewicz Family" was taken. Decision, as modern times require, was taken democratically and has won general acclaim.

Full trust was bestowed on me, as I am the oldest and most experienced, and I have been chosen Leading Editor and Chairman for life. This decision absolutely complies with standards of European Union. Rumours concerning corruption among other members of family are definitely not true and further spreading of such information will be followed by publication of private information about irresponsible family members. The propriety of publicated information is maintained by Independent Commission of Appropriate Opinions, leaded by myself. Preceding steps are necassary to avoid repetition of dramatic events in 1984, described by George Orwell. There should not be such thing that could damage our democratic family community.

I would like to thank all members of our family for demonstrated support :-)


Mission "Impossible"


On our family website - "Kurkiewicz Family - we want to present members of our family, their life, genealogy, achievements and failures. Because our information concerning our ancestors are very sparse, we hope that Internet will help us to find our relatives. Therefore, this website will be constantly filled with additional new facts. Also, we cannnot allow this site to lack information about region where we live. We will willingly use informations from rich Polish history and show historical facts which are commonly not revealed. History of our family is based on actual history of Poland. It is also tragic and hopeless. Because our Internet "publishing activities" were started in dramatic times for our Motherland and our family - our website can't lack comments about modern times. Times of planned destruction of our Motherland and us, times of intellectual and material degradation of Polish people of scale not seen in after-war modern reality.

As you see, our plans and ambitions are large but because time passes by we think it is kind of "Mission Impossible". Anyway, we start...

Kielce; 01.08.2006



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